Lighting Solutions

Lighting is a crucial part of any interior fitting project and should never be overlooked. At Lime Commercial we can advise you on the best solutions, and we'll take care of the installation too. 

Energy usage. We can conduct a lighting survey of your site to review your existing lighting systems, and make recommendations on you could dramatically reduce your energy consumption using current light technology such as LED and CFL (compact fluorescent lamps).

Aesthetic. Lighting can be used to dramatic effect and can really alter the mood of your environment. Whether you are looking to create a productive office space, or subtly encourage customers to buy, we can advise on the right lighting solutions while staying in keeping with your brand. 

Emergency lighting requirements. We'll make sure you've covered your health and safety requirements for emergency lighting, including lit exit signage. We can install maintained or non-maintained emergency lighting systems, including ongoing servicing and testing. 

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Bespoke LED light sheet for meeting room