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Our vast experience as sign makers has meant that we have found numerous creative ways to get your sign seen. One way to truly stand out is by illuminating your brand so that you are seen by day, and by night. It really is an important consideration if you want to stand out from your competitors.

Look what our illuminated signs can do for you

There are many ways that this can be done, and we have a range of options and solutions for your project.

We take into consideration not only your direct needs but also the practicalities based on your location and local authority regulations. For example, for a business that can’t have a lit hanging sign outside its premises, we look at interior options to offer you maximum exposure.

We offer the following:

  • Face-lit signage
  • Halo-lit signage
  • Fret-cut signage with acrylic detail
  • Acrylic NEON style signage
  • Full LED colour and brightness range including RGB displays
  • LED illuminated trough lights

For those looking for neon signage, we offer an LED alternative that is made from a flex that can be manipulated to the desired design. The beauty of using an LED illuminated sign over traditional NEON is that it is less expensive, is much more versatile and more suitable for use as commercial signage. You aren’t restricted by colour, they run at a lower voltage, they aren’t as fragile, and are much easier to install than traditional NEON signs.

The illuminated signs we create are totally bespoke to you and your needs. Having the knowledge on which material will offer you the best longevity, inside or out, is our speciality.

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