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wall graphics

Custom wall graphics are a real art. They simply and effectively transform walls and spaces effortlessly while adding a personal and professional touch to your commercial environment. They say everything about your business in a simple glance.

Look what our printed wall graphics can do for you

We are experts in design and installation of printed wall graphics and can harness your brand and company values in one, or a series of, large images.

Make an impact by using office interior wallpaper graphics or a vinyl wall installation. These can be made as complete wall vinyl for completely covering a large space or made as a series of cutouts so walls can still be exposed but your message will be highly visible. Cut out printed wall graphics can be a cost-effective solution for injecting brand identity into a room. They can also be great for more temporary measures. For those wanting to add an extra personalised dimension, wallpaper graphics can be simply stunning, as the finished texture can be aligned or themed with the imaging you are picturing.

We always use the best materials and, as we manufacture in-house, we can offer a range of technique options that fit within your budget.

Our high-impact wall graphics:

  • Come in textured, smooth and canvas options
  • Offer fast drying times
  • Can be installed across UK and Europe
  • Are scratch resistant
  • Are washable
  • And easy to apply

We always ensure your custom-made wall graphics are made to the highest quality and installed by one of our specialists to ensure it is hung perfectly and in the optimum position.

If you are thinking about commissioning wall graphics, talk to us. Even if you don’t quite know what you want, we will happily suggest creative ideas and concepts to help whet the appetite. We are on 02380 529888. Remember to look at our gallery to see how we have helped create amazing talking pieces for other brands.

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