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Wayfinding signs (also known as directional signage) can be seen all around us. This signage doesn’t just direct people; it can let you know where you’ve arrived.

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These signs can be manufactured in many ways across various materials including acrylic, aluminum, and even hardwoods. We can design, manufacture, and install your directional signage to give you the most robust option and offer longevity.

The most common forms of directional signage we are commissioned to undertake include:

  • Building Directories
  • Finger post signage
  • Building maps
  • Street signage
  • Area maps and directional signs
  • Public space signage

Of all the informative signage we install, this is possibly the most useful for everyone.

Firstly, you need to establish the keys sites or areas you need wayfinding signage for. Sounds simple? It might, if you already know what you want and need, but if you feel you could benefit from some advice, we can always come on-site and perform an audit with you as there may be things you haven’t considered. We will recommend and guide you on which products will weather the best for longevity.

Yes, wayfinding signage must be practical, but it can also enhance a visitor’s experience, and be used as additional branding opportunities.

It doesn’t matter whether you are taking people on a journey or just to an end destination, what is important is that you have the right materials for the job. There are so many formats, sizes, finished coatings and even lighting that your signage can have. You are only limited by your imagination or final positioning.

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