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Healthcare and
Hospital signage

When someone needs to visit a doctor for a routine checkup or a hospital in an emergency situation, the last thing they need to worry about is how to find their way around.

Healthcare settings are notoriously large, with multiple departments, so getting where you need to be on time can be tricky for any visitor. Clear, eye-catching signage is vital both inside and out to provide people with the right information they need at a glance.

We have worked in hospital and healthcare signage for many years, so know exactly what is needed in and outside of the medical setting.

Healthcare signage that helps patients and visitors find their way

Exterior hospital signage often requires a healthy mix of totems for car parks, fascia signs for entrances and wayfinding signage. These signs should be manufactured from the most suitable materials for longevity against the elements. Also, the information these signs carry should be in solid colours that don’t conflict with each other, and in a suitably sized typeface that are visible from a reasonable distance.

Interior hospital signage consists mainly of wayfinding signs to direct patients and visitors to the correct department or ward. When commissioning interior hospital signage, consideration should be given to making these signs adaptable, as departments can move and staff can change. Being able to update room names can then be a simple task for members of staff to undertake rather than having to completely replace the signage every time.

We can handle every step of your healthcare signage needs. From the initial site visit, to design, manufacture, and installation, and everything in between, we are experienced in working with healthcare provider settings.

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