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Totem Signs – the goliaths of the signage world.

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You will most often see totem signs (or monolith signs as they are sometimes referred) on the exterior of a building, towering above sites such as business parks, retail parks, supermarkets, trading estates and offices. Smaller versions can, of course, be used within interior design and are often combined with directional / wayfinding signage.

Free standing in design, totem signs are fully customisable and can be built to any specification and, whether they are single or double-sided, standard, or illuminated, are a great and bold way to advertise your brand or business.

If there’s one thing a monolith sign / totem sign can do, is make your brand stand out. All eyes are going to be on this form of business signage, so it’s vital the quality reflects your brand identity and factors in environmental considerations. At Lime Signs we only use the highest quality of build materials for our signage, including metals, acrylics, and composites.

Key benefits of utitlising monolith / totem signs for your business:

  • Free standing – removing attachment and boundary issues with other structures such as walls and fences
  • Bespoke design to fit your location – single or double-sided, dark or illuminated options depending on traffic times, and varying materials that consider environmental impact
  • Constant brand awareness normally situated at entrances or roadside, signs are large scale and visible from a distance allowing maximum brand exposure.

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