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At Lime Signs we understand the impact that architectural signage needs to provide. We work closely with clients and architects alike to provide customised, beautifully engineered, signage solutions that best represent your brand and a building’s design.

At Lime Signs we understand the impact that architectural signage needs to provide.

First impressions really do count, and while a website is now deemed the online ‘window to your business’, architectural signage is the first thing employees, customers, stakeholders and even competitors physically see when they visit your premises. Your building’s external and interior signage is a reflection of your brand and a symbol of your corporate identity and company ethos, and can instantly change perceptions.

Our team is well versed in combining aesthetic desires with planning requirements, environmental specifications, signage functionality and placement conditions. Whether you’re looking for wayfinding, projecting signs, or signage with lighting solutions such as LED illuminated, back-lit or halo-lit, we will work with you from concept through to installation to create architectural signage that truly brings your space to life.

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Appearances matter and it’s not just initial curb appeal that needs to be factored in anymore. Companies now have ESG (environmental, social and governance) briefs to meet and can come under fire from both key stakeholders and the public if environmental factors aren’t taken into consideration.
At Lime Signs we use materials of the highest quality for our architectural signage but whether it’s metals, acrylics, composites, or even contemporary sign vinyl that’s required, we will always respect a sign’s intended environments and its subsequent impact.

As architectural signage is most commonly a long-term solution for your premises, our cutting-edge manufacturing process ensures the durability and longevity of materials to provide you with signage that will stand the test of time. Furthermore, when it comes to installation, we are renowned for our attentive methods – we don’t only consider the best solutions for you but also that of your neighbours and customers, as well as any environmental factors such as tight spaces, parking restrictions and permits and approvals.

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