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Dining out is about the whole experience which is why signage is so important in the food industry.

Firstly, your high-street presence needs to make you stand out from your competitors. You want your outdoor restaurant signs to entice customers as much as your menu does. This means your company branded advertising materials which attract the all-vital footfall need to be cohesive and eye catching. Dated or weathered signage can have an adverse effect on trade for a business. We can ensure that your fascia, window vinyl, menus, banners, A-boards and more also whet the appetite.

A good sign maker will be able to transfer the brand and quality inside your premises for you. We are experts in making the inside of your restaurant as exciting as your top chef’s dishes. We are asked about everything from bespoke pieces of contemporary wall art and murals which offer conversation pieces for diners to wayfinding signage to help your customers around the restaurant.

Signage that gets your restaurant noticed

We are one of the very few signage companies that offers a hand-painted service. This is a popular choice when it comes to pub signage as this industry still values the finished quality that the traditional craftsmanship brings.

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