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Health and
safety signage

Some of the most important signage you will ever see, or need, is safety signage. It can act as a warning and helps protect you, staff and the general public from potential hazards and danger and even prevent accidents and fatalities.

Some of the most important signage you will ever see, or need, is safety signage.

We are an experienced sign company that is well-versed in creating health and safety signs and ISO compliant signage. We use a variety of materials and print processes that are perfect for both indoor signage and outdoor displays while providing a less expensive alternative to other sign materials. For example, by using our anti-scratch laminate we can protect your outdoor printed signs from fading in sunlight, scratching, and thermal expansion which ensures a durable finish for your project.


Health and safety signs can also be a legal requirement, so it is imperative that businesses have the correct information displayed to comply with regulations.

We are also great problem solvers so we can meet the exact size and requirements of your health and safety signage needs.

Keeping your workplace safe with signage

Here are a few of the health and safety stickers and signage we are commonly asked for:

  • Fire safety signs
  • Construction signs and hoardings
  • PPE signs
  • Chemical signs
  • Fire exit signage
  • CCTV signage
  • First aid signs
  • Electrical signs
  • Road traffic signs
  • Reflective signs
  • Access signs

Our signage meets all your industry’s needs and requirements and our experience in health and safety signage has taken us into and across the following sectors:

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